The aim of the Global Paleofire Database (GPD) is to provide the scientific community with a global paleofire dataset for research and archiving sedimentary records of fire. The GCD is managed by the International Paleofire Network (IPN).

The previous version of the website, was mainly developed by Amandine Charbonnier and Céline Bon. The Conceptual Data Model and the website interface were created by Boris Vannière, with the support of Amandine Charbonnier and Céline Bon. Other people provided guidance and support:

Olivier Blarquez (GPWG - Université de Montréal) Daniele Colombaroli (GPWG - University of Bern) Sylvie Damy (University of Franche-Comté) Anne-Laure Daniau (GPWG - CNRS) Jennifer Marlon (GPWG - Yale University) Mitchel Power (GPWG - University of Utah) Yuji Kato (CNRS)

The current version was mainly developed by Benoit Plaideau, Éléa Jacquin, Marie-Almina Gindre and Marie Smolinski with precious help from Ernest Chiarello, based on the previous website.